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Raw, Combative Malay Silat.

Your silat journey begins here

Selamat Datang – Welcome

Silat Seni Gayong was Malaysia’s first official Silat school and today remains one of the country’s most popular styles of its native martial art.

You can experience the rich depth of this combat art at our training centre in Acton, West London. Our classes cover:

  • Empty hand combat
  • Dead locks
  • Ground fighting
  • Acrobatics
  • Weapon awareness & defence
  • Expressive forms, meditation and functional mobility

Our classes are open to adults (14+) of all ability levels and experience.

Join us!

Expressive, Combative & Sports Silat

Combat is just one aspect of Silat – dive into its depths and find your path.


All students of Seni Gayong are taught real-life skills for attacking and countering attacks, referred to as the combative aspect. This raw, no-nonsense side of the art aimed at self protection and ending dangerous altercations.


Hidden behind the fast, hard combat moves is what we call the bunga (flower). This expressive aspect of Silat allows students to explore and express their full range of movements in an artistic manner.

Expressive Silat

The expressive aspect also encompasses training fight choreography and preparing those who are interested in using martial arts for theatre or the big screen.


The sports aspect, or Silat olahraga, refers to both semi-contact and full-contact fighting under sports rules.

Silat Classes – LONDON

Classes are currently held on a 1-to-1 basis at a private studio in West London. Get in touch for more information!

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To book a class or find out more, call us on (+44) 7398 533 411 or use the form below.


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